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Culture, Yoga, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Self-Improvement and Tradition Write for Us Guest Post Opportunity

Sampradaya is an online platform that is dedicated to curating knowledge from around the world. We help writers, freelancers, bloggers and professionals write for us on culture, yoga, spirituality, self-improvement, mindfulness and tradition. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new on our guest post site or a seasoned guest post writer. All we need is for you to have something interesting and knowledgeable to share with our readers.

However, please note that only a handful of writers are accepted every week out of hundreds of submissions. So, when you write for us on culture, spirituality, self-improvement, yoga, tradition and mindfulness, please only submit articles relevant to these topics. Also, it should in no way promote any business, service or product.

If you are interested in writing with us, or have any queries, feel free to contact at- tirupatihelps@gmail.com

Furthermore, everything you read on our guest post site for culture, mindfulness, tradition, self-improvement, spirituality and yoga has been contributed by volunteers. We are a collective and collaborative website and the opportunity to write for us is available all year round. We welcome contributors who have a way with words, are witty, knowledgeable and opinionated. And, if you think this is you, please get in touch with us at tirupatihelps@gmail.com.

When writing for us on culture, tradition, spirituality, yoga, mindfulness and self-improvement, it will be a pleasant experience as visitors on our website will read and share their feedback on your guest post. And, this will also help you learn things you might not have been aware of before.

Write for Our Guest Post Site on Tradition, Culture, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Yoga, and Self-Improvement

We are always open for writers, authors, bloggers and freelancers. And, if you think you can provide good advice to our readers and motivate them to succeed in their pursuits, then write for us on culture, tradition, spirituality, mindfulness, self-improvement and yoga. However, please make sure that you go through our website and understand the categories and also take a look at the topics that have already been covered. This is to make sure you bring a fresh perspective that readers enjoy and look forward to. And, this way you will keep challenging yourself to come up with newer topics and life hacks among other ideas.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider guest posting on our website or writing for us on tradition, culture, yoga, self-improvement, mindfulness and spirituality.

  • Professional And Personal Growth

Writers, bloggers and freelancers can leverage our platform to get exposure and land other opportunities that will be beneficial for them. These include increased credibility in their chosen field along with guest authoring on other websites too. If you can write a high-quality article, we will do everything we can to help you reach your goals and share your tips, tricks and ideas with our readers.

  • A Positive Impact on Reader’s Lives

Our readers belong to different communities and want to become the best version of themselves. And, the articles you write for us on tradition, culture, spirituality, self-improvement, mindfulness and yoga will make it easier for them to successfully achieve the commitment they have to themselves. And, we want to provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals. So, your articles must reflect that. Also, your guest posts should help create meaningful changes in their lives through long-term growth and learning.

  • You Create Your Own Schedule

When becoming a guest blogger on our website, you will have the advantage of writing as and when you want to. So, you are free to create your own schedule. And, the only deadlines you will have to follow will be the ones that you set for yourself and we encourage that.

Guest Post Contributor Content Guidelines to Follow

The guidelines provided below are vital as they determine whether or not we will approve your guest post and publish it on our website. So, we advise our contributors to follow them when writing for us on culture, yoga, spirituality, self-improvement, mindfulness and tradition.

  • We go through all the submissions and get in touch with writers within a week or two. However, if you don’t hear back from us within a couple of weeks, then it means that your submission has not been approved and we will not post your article on our website.
  • Your article headline and images or videos should grab the attention of our readers while offering insight into the content.
  • Please write articles within a range of 800 to 1000 words. Also, our editors hold the right to edit the article as they see fit. And, if they think an article needs to be presented in more than this word range, it can be presented in parts.
  • Go through all of the articles minutely and make sure there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors present. For this, you can run the article through Grammarly to check for areas that may need to be edited.
  • Please refrain from including web links within your articles. Also, do not include any commercial or promotional links in the articles that lead to another website, product or service.
  • For images, attach JPEG files. And, make sure the pictures are relevant to the article and the theme of our website too. However, if you don’t own the rights to the images, you can source them from the web after taking adequate permission from copyright holders.
  • We request writers to only provide original content as we do not encourage plagiarised content. For this, you may search online on subjects and make sure you refer to them by providing the source too. Furthermore, any facts and statistics you want to include should be sourced to the original article.

We are Looking for below Topic Guest Posts

If you want to write about Hindu Culture and Philosophy, and wondering where to start, you are at right place. We make it easy for you to convey your thoughts to the internet society.

  • Writers, freelancers and bloggers are requested to submit a short list of topic ideas they want to write for us on culture, tradition, yoga, mindfulness, self-improvement, and spirituality and get them approved by our editors before starting to write the article. Remember, our writers will have the final say on the topic and approach you need to go ahead with to ensure the article matches others on our platform.
  • When you submit an article to us, you are agreeing to have created the article or that you have permission from the owner of the original content before submitting it to us.
  • Keep in mind that you and the owner of the content own the copyright of the article you send to us. And, by submitting the content you will grant us irrevocable, royalty-free, unconditional, and non-exclusive license to edit and publish it. Furthermore, once the article has been published on our website, you may not submit it for publishing on another website.

So, if you would like to become a guest post contributor, send us an email to us at tirupatihelps@gmail.com
and tell us a little bit about yourself and which areas of our website you found interesting. And, provide a few examples of articles you would want to write to give us an idea bout the topic you want to write for us on culture, spirituality, self-improvement, yoga, tradition and mindfulness. Remember, we will only accept high-quality content and reserve the right to make changes as necessary before publishing the article.

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